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The Grand Denouement of 2023

December 21, 2023 本文有 193 个字 需要花费 1 分钟阅读


It’s time to draw the curtains on 2023.

Recap of 2022

Milestones of Existence

  • Matrimony
  • Acquisition of Driving License

Regarding the Blog

Let’s revisit the bygone year.

And now, the present one.

It appears little has transformed.


  • Current Call Count: 978w
  • This Year’s Call Count: 818w

Last year, we had approximately 160w calls, now it is 978w. We’ve encountered some assaults, but all were resolved amicably. We’ve updated a few versions, switched to the FastAPI framework, and can now accommodate a larger influx of visitors.

Regarding Grafana

Due to a version issue with Minio and inadvertent operations, all data in Thanos has been lost. I’m utterly flabbergasted.

Firstly, Gitea.

And then, GitHub.

  • GitHub Followers: 71

Wakapi Coding Duration

Hereafter, I’ll be documenting my coding duration.

  • Current Coding Duration: 1.06 天

Telegram Channel

This year, I’ve been managing a Telegram channel:

  • Channel Followers: 80


My Twitter:

  • Current Twitter Followers: 102

TickTick List

  • Tasks Completed: 1438
  • Focus Time: 87h 13m
  • Ranking: 96.3
  • Level: 9


  • Gaming Duration: 142 小时

Objectives for 2024

  • Purchase a Car

Feel free to follow my blog at

Have Fun


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